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Costa Rica has the talent and innovation to develop an environmentally friendly, financially viable and socially responsible business environment.




About Us

We are pioneers in the design and implementation of water resource management projects that contribute to the sustainability of our planet.

Our Offer

Comprehensive analysis and support to facilitate the efficient use of water resources through the implementation of intelligent and high-tech systems that generate a positive impact on the environmental and save our customers money. Our goal is to guarantee quality of life to future generations and partner with our clients to further the conservation of and responsible use of water.


  • Advice and technical support for the installation of integrated systems for water saving that allow to improve the footprint and ensure an effective return on investment.
  • Products for sustainable construction.
  • Advice for the best use of water resources.
  • Sanitary products with low water consumption.
  • Wastewater and gray water treatment systems.


  • Central America
  • South America


  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Property Dvelopment