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About Us

We are Conscious Consultants. We develop energy solutions through engineering for a global impact.
We develop AEC projects for the construction business sector. We work side by side with our clients to fulfill their needs, developing a wholesome-holistic project.
It is our philosophy to visualize a project as a life cycle, with diverse needs and responses with Architecture, Engineering, construction & energy management and guide our clients through these endeavor.

Our Offer

AEC industry has turn into a fast-paced environment. Technological disruption is every so often more aggressive on our everyday work looking to optimize efforts and promoting savings. Its within this quest where most companies lack the energy or knowledge to adapt due to their business turn around. Apame as an interdisciplinary platform, is the ideal partner to manage these changes, with a technological and adaptative infrastructure, we help our clients meet their need on this competitive environment.

Apame’s con Conscious Consulting It is an interdisciplinary approach, product of the understanding of the importance of small conscious acts in all processes for the engineering sector. Backed by the newest hardware, project, know-how and a global understanding of every project, Apame’s Conscious Consultants are a new breed of professionals ready to engage with interdisciplinary team, to review/guide existing conditions through DDDM process (data driven decision management).

This is our key to deliver high technical and technological conscious solutions to the AEC envy maximizing value to our clients through our innovative-interdisciplinary-platform that understands the life cycle of our client’s project.


  • Architectural Conscious Consulting
  • Engeneering Conscious Consulting
  • Construction Conscious Consulting
  • Energy Management Conscious Consulting