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About Us

We are the most experienced renewable energy company in the región.  We are specialists in distributed solar power and the usage of storage for management of demand (peak shaving, load shifting).

Our Offer

Analysis, assitance, and execution of turnkey projects optimized for maximum profitability. Avolta performs load profile analysis to optimize the use of solar energy, energy storage and other efficient technologies to reduce the electricity bill. Projects carried out by Avolta can recieve financing through flexible financial or operating leasing models offered by the business group’s lessor. The group currently also faciliatates financing with various other national, regional, and global lenders.

Avolta is pleased to also be the exclusive Central American distributor of Wallbox, the world’s most advanced EV charging technology


Avolta performs detailed load profile analysis to determine feasibility, project savings, and cash flows and then presents the project. Avolta executes turnkey projects with internationally renowned sustainable technology manufacturers, in the areas of solar energy, energy storage and demand management (peak shaving, load shifting) and other sustainable technologies. Avolta directly offers project financing through financial or operating leasing models.


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