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About Us

YUXTA Energy is a Blue Flag company, Essential Costa Rica brand and BCorp focused on integrating renewable energies, energy efficiency and traditional energies, in order to improve the energy performance of Costa Rican homes and companies, focused on generating an energy matrix based on the principles of sustainability, solidarity and robustness.

Currently the company has more than 250 solar energy projects installed in Costa Rica, generating savings of more than 1 billion colones in the economy of Costa Ricans, at the same time the company generates a reduction of more than 400 tons of emissions of CO2 in the country.

Our Offer

Our clients have the best equipment on the market and a project developed under the highest quality standards with a highly competitive cost-quality ratio, as well as excellent customer service.


  • Installation of solar panels
  • Energy management
  • Solar audits
  • Maintenance of photovoltaic energy systems


Companies and Industries